Playing with the Grown-Ups

Last week we were divided into groups to workshop some pieces of creative writing. Great! For me, this has been one of the best parts of the Writing for Children course. Receiving support, comments, criticism and suggestions from other people, who are as excited about stories for children as I am, is so helpful. The Publishing Project module, however, mixes children’s writers with Critical & Creative Writers – the grown-ups! I was apprehensive, to say the least.

I needn’t have worried. Of the three C&C writers in our group, one was dramatising a fairy tale and one was writing about dragons. Only one person was writing straight adult literature and her language was so atmospheric it felt almost like another world to me. It made me realise that the thing I love most about stories – any stories – is their ability to whisk you away to another time and place. Even if the story were based in Hampshire during February 2015, it would be the Hampshire that lives in the author’s head, not the one I live in every day.

Kim Howard
MA Writing for Children

2 thoughts on “Playing with the Grown-Ups

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    I had never been in a mixed critique group with people writing for both adults and children until this month. Click on the link to take you to the Litmus 2015 blog page and see how I felt about the experience.


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