Francesca Senior

Francesca Senior

Francesca Senior

What do you write?
I write a range of different things, but I’ve always had a preference for writing fantasy novels. I just enjoy really being able to develop the characters and the worlds they live in. There’s just something about watching the way the story grows and transforms that I find incredibly satisfying.

Pen & paper or computer & printer?
Typically I like to start off with pen and paper and then transfer it to computer and printer. For some reason I just find it easier to put my ideas down on paper first and then type it up later. That’s why most of my planning and chapter plans tend to be scribbled down in notebooks.

Where do you write? Where would you like to write?
Where is not a problem for me, I write pretty much anywhere. If I have an idea and something to write with, I’m good to go. Even if I don’t have a pen or a notebook on me I’ll use my phone to take notes or tell whoever’s with me what the idea is so they can remind me in case I forget.

Favourite author or poet – can you manage just one?
I don’t really have a favourite author or a specific genre that I stick to. I read whatever catches my eye. This includes poetry, short stories and a whole host of different genres.

First book or poem you fell in love with?
The first book I can remember that truly captivated me was Magician by Raymond E. Feist. It was recommended to me by both my parents and ever since I’ve read it I’ve been hooked on Feist’s work.

Cat, dog, budgie, bunny or goldfish?
Cat. Unless the dog is a Husky, in which case I won’t be able to choose.


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