Rebecca Travers

Rebecca Travers at her graduation ceremony.  Litmus 2015 author. MA Creative & Critical Writing, University of Winchester.

Rebecca Travers

I cannot remember the first book I fell in love with. Although, I can recite the poem Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar which was the first in a poetry anthology I adored as a child.  My writing notes are generally scribbled on post-its which I stick to my phone and often lose.  Some lucky ideas make it into my notebook, or get typed incoherently on my laptop and saved in miscellaneous files.  I am always listening to music. Alt-J’s This is All Yours is my go-to reading album or I listen to epic movie soundtracks to inspire my writing.  I always endeavour to finish books; I am impatient and inquisitive and must know the end, even if I hated it.  My favourite authors would currently include Tove Jansson, Jeanette Winterson and Bret Easton-Ellis, but my reading taste changes regularly.  I tend not to get too hung up about reading an author’s entire back catalogue and take recommendations from book podcasts I listen to.  And I hate cats.  I have only ever owned three goldfish, sorry.


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