About Us

Welcome to our Blog.

We are a group of students embarking on Masters degrees in Writing for Children and Creative & Critical Writing. We are working on a combined publishing project in which we will be creating, editing and publishing an anthology of our work, called Litmus, which is due out in May. This blog is for us to update you on our progress, tell you a little about ourselves and drum up some excitement for our upcoming publication. We also run a range of talks called The Winchester Reading Series which sees industry professionals present their advice to us throughout the semester to aid us in our future careers. These talks are completely free and also open to the public. So take a look around. We give regular updates about The Winchester Reading Series, providing information about talks and also a write up of each one, in case you missed it.

Our Meet the Authors page is slowly accumulating introductions to each of us so you can get to know us a little more. Our course information pages can be found at: http://www.winchester.ac.uk/Studyhere/Pages/ma-creative-and-critical-writing.aspx and http://www.winchester.ac.uk/Studyhere/Pages/ma-writing-for-children.aspx

If you require more information about anything else on the site, feel free to comment and get in touch with us.

Becky, Kath & Kim

The Litmus Blog Team 2015


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