Robin Dando

Writer Robin Dando

Robin Dando

1.What do you write?

I mostly write low fantasy and occasionally historical fiction. My current project is a series of medieval fantasy novels, telling a sweeping story of nations at war and great battles, yet their plot is character driven by focussing on the characters’ personal journeys and struggles. The small human details at the centre of massive events are the most interesting, especially when you include the grim brutality of a medieval setting.

2. Pen & paper or computer & printer?

I much prefer computer and printer, as spell check is a Godsend and my hand-writing was described by my English teacher as being like hieroglyphics.

3. Where do you write?  Where would you like to write?

I love the idea of having a dedicated writing desk, but due to my frightful disorganisation, I often find myself writing in bed.

4. Which do you enjoy more – researching, writing or editing?

I enjoy writing the most, there’s nothing like seeing your story come to life for the first time. However I do enjoy research, as it allows me to study history, which I have always found a great source of inspiration. I take pleasure in practical research, for example I began historical sword fighting as a form of combat research and it’s now one of my favourite hobbies. Research is one of the most important parts of the writing process, because while characters come easily to me, world building is a challenge. I want my worlds to seem as authentic as possible, so my reader is truly immersed in the story. I must admit I’m not keen on editing, but the feeling of having a well-polished piece makes the labour worth it.

5. Does your Litmus entry have a soundtrack?

It probably does, though unfortunately as I listen to so much music while I write; this soundtrack would be so varied that I couldn’t possibly list it all. It would mostly comprise of film and video game soundtracks, anything that helps to create an epic or emotive tone. I can safely say that the works of Iron Maiden feature quite heavily in the soundtrack.

6. Favourite author or poet – can you manage just one?

It’d be difficult for me to choose a favourite author, as there are many authors whose work I love. I’m a great fan of Philip Reeve; his Mortal Engines Quartet is one of the best science fiction series’ I’ve read. I enjoy Simon Scarrow, Bernard Cornwell, and Joe Abercrombie who are all fantastic authors. There are many more, but I’d need hours to write them all down. Although, I have to say that PG Wodehouse is one of the greatest writers of the modern age; his use of language is fantastic.

7. First book or poem you fell in love with?

The Harry Potter novels were the first I read and I haven’t stopped since. I owe J.K. Rowling a great deal.

8. Cat, dog, budgie, bunny or goldfish?

Dog every time. Dogs are the best.



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